Saturday, October 1, 2011


Too much has happened since my last post to do a real "catch up" here. Here are the highlights of my life since March:

I interviewed Amartya Sen.

I graduated and got some nice graduation gifts from the school (an awesome UCSD alumni blanket, and some plaques).

Hamish and I road-tripped up the Pacific Coast. The week consisted of a lot of driving, books on tape, excellent coffee and beautiful parks.


Crater Lake:

I moved out to Carmel, CA and started cooking a lot. (Seriously, a lot. Starting a food blog was a serious consideration. I have an arsenal of photos ready just in case).

I started volunteering at a TEDxYouth conference in Monterey and got really inspired. (I continue to be inspired by them).

Many friends came to visit me in Carmel because it is a great tourist destination. Among them, my great friend Grace Rolland She sang a lot for me, and it was wonderful.

Grace's graceful visit was followed by another great friend, Amber Rackliffe. During that visit, Amber and I decided to start a huge crazy venture called GiveYourGap. "Like" us! The page got a bunch of likes on my birthday and I'm still really excited about it.

I went to New York and DC to work on my thesis research and to visit my big sista Stephanie Ang, who is now a grad student at NYU. We watched Memphis! and it was mind-blowingly fun.

And now, I've moved back to Cupertino, CA. My hometown. Better known at C-Town. Here, though I find myself constantly disappointed in the lack of beach, good mexican food, and specialty coffee joints (in short, I am constantly disappointed that it is not San Diego), I am surround by people I love.

ESPECIALLY my new roomieeee and BFF Beckster Yen:

Back here in the CPT, I'm working hard on GiveYourGap, trying to help out at home and not forget about grad school applications.

Back to San Diego next week to get my fill of beach, mexican food and specialty coffee...and of course, even more people I love!. Yipee :).