Saturday, July 25, 2009

last days with the san diegans

all of a sudden, this whirlwind month with ucsd abroad was at a one week countdown! determined to make the most of this last week (despite finals looming over our head), our group set out with a renewed energy to use up our remaining credits on our akbils (metro passes), see more of istanbul, and just live it up!

karaokeing, a day of mad shopping at cevahir, and oh yeah -- i got a haircut. hahah! chinese food for dinner (sooo goooooodddd!!!), and then a night painting the town red on istiklal...all made for some great memories! many of which should not be documented on this blog! hahahaha. here are some that can:

chelsea and i at a nice little cayhane in taksim square with a nice breeze and view of the Bogaz.

Istanbul Modern -- free on thursdays! really enjoyed the room exhibit and the library. after seeing so much of istanbul's 1700 year heritage, the modern art makes for a nice change.

some good times in the hotel before we went dancing around istiklal!

dinner in besiktas, filled with the usual laughter :).

FINALLY we got around to yeni camii. loved it (mentioned this in my last post).

renata at the goodbye dinner. what a cutie patootie.

with yasemin, our coordinator; and rabia, our tour guide

one last shot of the group after a great night on pasazade, our hotel terrace. ataturk bridge in the background. i love this photo because everyone is smiling SO big and so happily! it's been a great month istanbulites, i promise to write!!

some last inside jokes, in case any of the san diegans get around to reading my blog:
"are YOUUUU saved???!
the crusaders were like, "yeah, we bad."
and so the knight and the lord were in the little tower, hunched over dueling.
"do you have a mirror in your pants?"
carline and her pimp mike, working the levent line.
anythign to do with red one.
anything to do with bo and a camera.

k. good times :). miss all of you already and you better keep in touch!!!!!!!!!!!

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