Thursday, July 2, 2009

a quick thanks to important sponsors


in error, i have neglected to say thank you to the people who have made this trip possible!

to the eleanor roosevelt college parent fund, which spared me $500 in the midst of an incredible budget crisis for this summer's seminar. i am writing a postcard to you now and missing all the wonderful staff and former coworkers in the provost's office.

to the chi omega foundation, which also sent $500 my way, thank you for the amazing sisterhood and now, financial support, which has helped me take money off my mind so that i may focus in on making the most of my time abroad.

to the friends of the international center, who kindly awarded me a $1000 scholarship for this summer's seminar, thank you for not only the financial support but a wonderful experience meeting the 28 other award recipients, connecting me with Dr. Spriggs and his assistant Catharine Nance (whose experience in USAID and the Turkish embassy in Istanbul have been invaluable), and for just being so wonderful and "friendly" :).

my biggest aid comes from my parents, who have always taught me to "do my best and let them do the rest," i hope i'm living up to all the support you've provided through the years. i'm looking forward to seeing you in istanbul very soon and hopefully sharing with you all the reasons that this is money and time well spent!!

thanks for the endless, infinite, invaluable love and support both before i left and now as i'm abroad from my bestest friends and bestest sisters - you know exactly who you are.

alright, just wanted to say "ÇOK TEŞEKKÜR EDERIM!!!" thank you very much :).

and now i'm off to explore justinian's basillica cistern.

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