Wednesday, August 26, 2009

living by the water, living at the beach

on september 5th (i finally decided!) i'm going to hop on a bus at take off for fethiye, the fulcrum of the turkish turquoise coast. in doing so, i'll be fulfilling a long desire to visit this strip of gorgeous mediterranean sunshine, sand, and relaxation.

i'm looking forward to my reunion with the coastline, as i've been thoroughly homesick for blacks, the shores, and our fave "private" beach in santa cruz. i'm nervous to travel by myself, but determined to get to the beach asap. being next to the water, soaking up the sun -just makes me so happy and is the ONLY way i want to spend my 2oth birthday :).

came across this article today. it's a story that made me smile, and zero news about iraq has been smile-worthy (especially in the last few weeks). since it's sort of relevant to this blogpost:


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