Tuesday, August 18, 2009

where to go

aysha and i started the day off with a stimulating conversation about israeli policy, the occupied palestinian territories, birthright trips to israel, and she shared some of the really tragic things she saw in palestine, and i shared the challenges of even discussing this issue in the states without offending a friend. more to come on this later...i've been mulling that post over for a while.

a few days ago i posted on facebook that i am pretty determined to travel in the 10 days between the end of my intensive turkish language course and orientation for university. i've been exploring the different places i want to go, and here is my official list!

places outside of turkey:
1. cairo
2. damascus
3. beirut
4. jerusalem

places in turkey:
1. fethiye
2. cappadocia
3. anywhere and everywhere east

after chatting this over with everyone who will chat with me about it, i think i've decided to stay in turkey (or very very close). fethiye is becoming more of a reality by the day. hopefully somewhere good this weekend as well -- ankara maybe.

okay that's it for this post. i'm going to switch up the pace of this blog a bit in the posts to come. burgeoning topics: my political opinions about the israeli-palestine conflict, news from saudi arabia, kurdistan, iraq, afghanistan, and kuala lampur. also, i'm going to talk about my most recent research project, and i'll finally explain why i'm really in turkey, why i'm studying the history of this region and what i think lies ahead for me.

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  1. have i told you lately that you are beautiful??
    i miss you and cant wait to keep following your travels over there! :)